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New Boilers

Why choose us to install your boiler

Valiant Smart Control Meter

  • We are Gas safe registered
  • We are accredited installers Worcester Bosch Essex
  • Ideal approved installers Essex
  • Vaillant approved installers Essex
  • Typically warranties offered range from 7-12 years from the date of installation
  • We fit a magnetic filter as standard. This is fitted to the return back to the boiler. So all unwanted sludge and dirt is filtered before going into the boiler. Having a approved manufacture filter will also increase the warranty or guarantee on your boiler
  • We install a smart control thermostat. smart controls are a new boiler plus regulation. The thermostats are optimising and know how long it takes to heat up to the pre-programmed set heat, and can save massively on gas bills
  • We do a machine flush on all our installs as standard
  • All making good will be discussed and carried out after works
  • We register your installation with Gas Safe and also the warranty on your behalf
  • We can install a new gas boiler in as little as 24 hours from agreeing the quote
  • We can service and repair your boiler as required

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Why change to a new efficient boilerIdeal Boiler installation

If you are replacing an inefficient boiler with a modern A rated high efficiency condensing boiler and upgrading its controls, then it is common to achieve around a 30% saving on your gas bill. Also here’s a bit of friendly advice. If you decide to change your old conventional system to a combination boiler, or a sealed system (This means both tanks will come out of your loft making it a dry loft) This can then give you up to 25% off your house insurance as you have taken away one of the biggest causes of flooding in a house.

How much does it cost to install a new boiler

New Boiler Installation Leigh on Sea, Essex

The cost of the installation will vary depending on the amount of work the engineer needs to do to fit the boiler. If we needs to change pipework or alter the location of the boiler this will add to the overall cost of the installation displayed in the table below. As well as paying for labour, the cost of the new boiler and a system cleanse, we would always fit a filter such as a MagnaClean, calmag, fernox and spirotec that will keep your boiler guarantee intact. As stated above the price will vary if you have approved manufacturer or filter stated above. Thermostatic radiator valves (TRVs),can also be an effective way to keep your system balanced and room temperatures comfortable. They can also lead to lower heating bills if used correctly, as they can prevent rooms you don’t use very often from being on when not needed. If you would like to know a price please click here for a free fixed price quotation survey.

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