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Specialist Boiler Service & Repair in Southend on Sea, Essex

Regular servicing is an important part of keeping your boiler in a top condition. It’s very important to have an annual service, not only for safety reasons but also to prevent future breakdowns when you least expect them.

Plumbco services Boiler servicing

We service all natural domestic gas boiler ranges.

Below are some signs your boiler need a service.

  • Boiler pressure keeps dropping or going up.
  • Boiler noisy ( fan most commonly)
  • Have to reset the boiler frequently
  • Stains on or near the appliance
  • Pilot light keeps going out or a yellow flame

When servicing your boiler we will make sure your boiler gets a full look over and MOT. We will do the necessary checks and cleaning. And then at the end of the cleaning and checks we will do a analyser reading which will let us know how efficient and well the boiler is working. You will then receive a service check list form and we can then set up a reminder for when you next service is due.

Why should I get my boiler serviced and how often?

The simple answer is that you should get your boiler checked for safety and efficiency reasons, ideally on an annual basis. However, unless you are renting your property out to tenants there is no legal requirement to do so. Continue Reading…

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